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Exfoliation Treatment
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One question we're often asked is what's the difference between professional skincare products sold in a department store and drugstore brands? The major difference is potency and strength of the ingredients. Because department/drugstore brands must fit most skin concerns, they won't have many active ingredients. If they do, the concentration may be so small, it really won't produce real results. It is always better to have an esthetician who has analyzed your skin suggest the correct home care products for you.


Walking into a store and reading labels can be misleading and confusing. A professional can advise you on what specifically will target your concern and will correct the problem to achieve the results you are expecting.

To ensure you are receiving fresh and authentic products from any of the lines that we carry, we suggest purchasing exclusively from our web store.


We are an authorized retailer for all of the professional lines we carry and order our inventory directly from the manufacturer.



By purchasing from unauthorized retailers you may put yourself at risk of the following: Purchasing imitation, expired, or damaged products.




Receiving inaccurate instructions on the proper use of the purchased product. Purchasing products that are not suitable for your skin type.



We carry the following skincare lines:


  • Pure Embodiment (CBD Topicals)

  • Botanical Blends 

  • Face Reality

  • Skin Script

  • Circadia

  • Image

  • PCA 

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