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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatment

A New Era of Personalized Body Treatments

We are excited to introduce Nu Era Skin Tightening Treatments at our studio. This state of the art device by Lumenis, offers treatments powered by radio frequency heat friction to stimulate fibroblast activity through the skin.

The effects are visible tightening, firming and smoothing for areas of the face, such as jawline, neck, eyes and on the body for thighs, arms, stomach and buttocks.  This wonderfully comfortable but highly effective treatment helps to achieve the firming, lifting and toning that conventional treatments cannot.

With this advanced treatment, see smoother skin from head to toe, as well as reduced cellulite. It is the perfect maintenence treatment for everyone.

No two patients are exactly alike.

This is why a one-size fits all treatment plan is

no longer suitable. This non-invasive treatment performs

*Body Sculpting

*Wrinkle Reduction

*Cellulite Reduction

*Skin Tightening

*Body Contouring

How Does It Work?

This powerful medical device uses RF therapy, which is a sought-after treatment for the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin.

Using the latest in medical grade technology, the Nu Era Tight device offers a natural solution for loss of skin firmness. 

Nu Era emits 250W radio frequency waves at 470kHz to gently heat the skin so collagen contracts and new collagen is produced.

No harsh chemicals, no invasive surgery, the natural way to uplift, tighten and smooth skin on the body and face giving a smoothness of texture can give your skin a new lease of life!

What to Expect

You will start your visit by taking a series of photos in order to track your progress throughout the course of your treatment plan. A cooling creme will then be applied to the focused area.

The NuEraTight electrode is applied to the skin’s surface with the device set to a specific target temperature. The electrode will move in a slow sweeping or circular fashion so that it gradually, uniformly and safely heats up the skin’s surface to the target temperature.

This treatment involves no down time  and can even be done on your lunch break. Expect 30-40 minute treatments for the face, and areas of the body.

As this is a heat-based therapy, users who have benefited from it commonly describe it as being like a hot stone massage.

Many patients see results from the very first treatment. However, an ongoing treatment regimen of at least 4-6 appointments is recommended for optimal results. Although it is not meant as weight loss program, ideal skin tightening results can be achieved with a consistent diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with our NuEra Tight treatments.

After Treatment

After treatment you may see some temporary, minimal swelling and redness of the targeted areas. Increase water intake and avoid caffeine & alcohol. We recommend you wear a waist trainer at least 5-8 hours a day if your abdomen is an area you wish to treat.

For best results after your session, follow a fat free, low starch and low sugar diet. Because you may experience minimal swelling and redness of the targeted areas, avoid hot baths and saunas immediately after treatment.

Who Should Use NuEra Tight™?

 NuEra Tight can be used on all body types and skin colors to redefine, revive, and uplift the skin. It is always recommended that you get advice from your medical provider before opting for laser treatments, especially if you have recently undergone any other procedures, have any implants such as a pacemaker, or have injectable fillers in the recent past. It is best to have treatment before or well after botox or fillers as the heat can lessen their duration.

For more information about the NuEra Tight and if this treatment is right for you, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a  consultation.

**This treatment is not suitable for patients who are currently pregnant, who have active infections, or who are sensitive to heat. If you elect to undergo this treatment, inform your provider of any tattoos, piercings, or cuts, as these areas must be avoided during the therapy.


(a la carte)

 Face $150

 Neck $150

Arms $225

Tummy $225

Glutes $259

Thighs $259

Full Body Cellulite Treatment

w/Detox Sauna Wrap



Treatment Packages

Packages below are priced for 5 treatment areas with the 6th area being free.

Package 1: 6-Small Area Treatments on (Face/Neck/Jawline) $750

6 monthly Payments of $107.14

with Cherry Financing

0% Interest

Package 2: 6-Med Area Treatments on (Arms/Abs/Bra Fat) $1,125

6 monthly Payments of $160.71

with Cherry Financing

0% Interest

Package 3: 6-Large Area Treatments on (Glutes/Thighs) $1,295

6 monthly Payments of $185

with Cherry Financing

0% Interest

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IMG_4405 3.jpg

Treat yourself now and pay later with Cherry! Get preapproved before your next appointment. Applying won’t harm your credit!

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