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Pure Embodiment - 250mg Misting Spray

You will love the convenience of our Pure Embodiment Misting Spray. Each bottle is concentrated with 250mg of pure 100% THC-Free CBD to provide you with fast action and fast relief. Specifically designed with this lightweight airless bottle, we make it easy to spray hard to reach areas from any angle. In fact, the reason for creating this product was to be able to apply CBD to difficult areas like the back and shoulders. This specially formulated fine misting spray absorbs into the skin within minutes, providing additional moisture and pain relieving benefits throughout your day. With our proprietary blend of essential oils, known for their anti-inflammatory & deep penetrating properties, Pure Embodiment's CBD Misting Spray is gentle enough to use multiple times a day at home or on the go. While it works on all areas, it is designed to cover large areas to avoid over misting.


Why Pure Embodiment?

  • All-natural, Paraben-free CBD topical spray

  • 250mg of high quality Hemp-derived CBD with Zero THC

  • Misting spray formula allows you to cover hard to reach areas while spraying from any direction

  • Infused with essential oils for anti-inflammatory benefits and silky smooth skin

  • Light, non-greasy and fast drying formula

  • Soothing mint smell with aromatherapeutic benefits

  • Deep penetration providing targeted, rapid and long lasting relief for muscle tension and joint ailments

  • Great for sore muscles, joints and more...

Pure Embodiment - 250mg CBD Misting Spray

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