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Pure Embodiment - Massage & Body Oil

Say goodbye to stress and tension! We already know the amazing benefits of massage but when combined with CBD the results are undeniable.  What better way to enhance your massage than incorporating the anti-inflammatory relief of our 150mg Pure Embodiment Massage and Body Oil.  We designed this product with Massage Therapist to enhance their massages with the beneficial qualities of CBD. Pure Embodiment Massage & Body Oil is perfect to use at home or to bring along to your massage.


Professional therapist love it!  The water soluble composition allows the oil to easily wash away from linens, stones, and equipment, a must for all therapists.  Our oil provides superior texture, glide and absorption, reducing build up and stickiness for greater ease of use and improved client comfort.  Our formula is non-greasy and contains rich oils, natural vitamins, and CBD, to aid the healing of dry and damaged skin while it soothes and moisturizes.  The feedback from therapists is clients are amazed at the results of enhancing their massages with CBD.  


Why Pure Embodiment?

  • All-natural, plant derived oils which are preservative free and water soluble

  • 150mg of high quality Hemp-derived CBD with Zero THC

  • Soothing mint smell with aromatherapeutic benefits

  • Infused with our proprietary blend of essential oils providing additional natural anti-inflammatory relief

  • Deep penetration providing targeted, rapid and long lasting relief for muscle tension and joint ailments

  • Great for sore muscles and joints

  • Legal in all 50 states

Pure Embodiment - 150mg CBD Massage & Body Oil

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