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Pure Embodiment - 300mg Sport Spray Lotion

Some pains require a little bit extra which is why we have our 300mg Pure Muscle & Joint Sport Spray Lotion.  Three times the strength of our Pure Muscle & Joint Cream and specially formulated for those who live an active lifestyle in the gym, on the field or any high intensity setting. 


Perfect for athletes as well as those with chronic pain, our spray lotion is easy to apply and quick to absorb offering targeted relief from inflammation. This is the ultimate body lotion for an on-the-go, active lifestyle. The fact that it is sprayable allows you to apply the lotion quickly and access hard-to-reach areas.  

Why Pure Embodiment?

  • All-natural, Paraben-free CBD topical massage cream

  • 300mg of high quality Hemp-derived CBD with Zero THC

  • Soothing mint smell with aromatherapeutic benefits

  • Infused with Proprietary Essential Oils providing additional natural anti-inflammatory relief

  • Deep penetration providing targeted, rapid and long lasting relief for muscle tension and joint ailments

  • Great for sore muscles and joints

  • Legal in all 50 states

Pure Embodiment - 300mg CBD Sport Spray Lotion

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