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Pure Embodiment – Pure Muscle & Joint Cream

​You will love the soothing smell of Pure Embodiment Muscle & Joint Cream. With our proprietary blend of essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory & deep penetrating properties, Pure Embodiment Muscle & Joint Cream is gentle enough to use multiple times a day massaging onto targeted areas providing relief from inflammation, joint pain, irritation, and more.


Why Pure Embodiment?

  • All-natural, Paraben-free CBD topical massage cream

  • 100mg of high quality Hemp-derived CBD with Zero THC

  • Soothing mint smell with aromatherapeutic benefits

  • Infused with our proprietary blend of essential oils providing additional natural anti-inflammatory relief

  • Deep penetration providing targeted, rapid and long lasting relief for muscle tension and joint ailments

  • Great for sore muscles and joints

  • Legal in all 50 states

Pure Embodiment CBD Muscle & Joint Creme-100mg

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