Hair Removal


You should not wax if you are taking blood thinners. Clients using Accutane should not wax until they have discontinued use for at least 6 months. Skin that is being treated with Retin A, Renova or other strong exfoliants such as glycolic acid products should stop use of those products for a least two weeks prior to waxing. No waxing on sunburned skin.

Waxing Q/A

Q: Why is waxing better than shaving?

A: When you wax, the entire hair shaft is removed, root and all, rather than cutting it off at the surface of the skin like you do when you shave. This leaves your skin super smooth with no stubble. Waxing also lasts much longer than shaving, and the hair grows back thinner and finer with repeated treatments.

Tips Before Getting Waxed

  • Hair growth should be at least 1/4"

  • Take painkiller 30 minutes before your appointment (preferably with caffeine)

  • Apply a first aid antibiotic cream with pain relief after the waxing as necessary

  • Stay out of the sun 24 hours before and after waxing service

  • Avoid exercise 24 hours after waxing service

Women: If you have a low pain threshold, don’t schedule a waxing service right before or during the first two days of your cycle. Waxing, extractions, laser hair removal, permanent cosmetics, tattooing, electrolysis, piercing, and dental work can be more uncomfortable at “that time of the month.”

Our Services

Hair Removal

Service Price
1/2 Arm (30 min)

  • Price $40.00
1/2 Leg (30 min)

(Above the knee and down)

  • Price $50.00
Bikini (30 min)

  • Price $55.00
Brazilian (30 min)

  • Price $125.00
Chest/Back (30 min)

  • Price $80.00
Eyebrows (30 min)

  • Price $20.00
Full Arms (30 min)

  • Price $60.00
Full Face (30 min)

  • Price $60.00
Full Leg (30 min)

  • Price $80.00
Lip/Chin (30 min)

  • Price $8.00
Sideburns (30 min)

  • Price $5.00
Under Arms (30 min)

  • Price $20.00

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